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Forest School


Intent - What do we want children to learn?

Quite simply, it is our intention that every pupil, irrelevant of needs, develops a real passion for the great outdoors and celebrates their local, natural environment.  We wish for every child to develop a knowledge and passion for their local habitat and how to look after and nurture it – the flora and fauna as well as embracing the physical and personal challenges that working outside can present.

Through Forest School we aim to support this philosophy by:

  • Fostering the enjoyment of the great outdoors;
  • Embracing the physical challenges that working outside can bring;
  • Developing both fine and gross motor skills;
  • Developing personal and social skills by working in pairs and teams to complete tasks;
  • Developing a range of bespoke Forest School skills such as knot tying, frapping, fire lighting, lashing and whittling;
  • Developing a knowledge of local common flora and fauna;
  • Fostering an awareness of seasonal change;
  • Encouraging children to take risks in a supported environment;
  • Developing problem solving and resilience through practical tasks such as den building;
  • Ensuring children develop an understanding of keeping safe;
  • Encouraging children to be active and have a healthy lifestyle.
  • Encouraging pupils’ personal involvement with practical tasks enabling them to improve their attention span, persistence and commitment.
  • Ensuring that the learning is matched to the differing needs of all the children as well as specific groups, such as SEND, pupil premium etc. Extra support and additional/ adapted resources to be provided to those children where it is required.

Don't just take our word for it, watch this tour of the forest, to see our wonderful grounds for yourselves...