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St Mary's are proud to announce their newly formed PTA!  Getting involved in the PTA is a great way to meet new people, foster relationships, become involved in school life,  and work together for the good of the children and our school family.

The money raised will provide the extras that are not funded through the school's annual budget.  We will keep you up to date with information about upcoming events and funds raised to date.

If you would like more information please contact the school office.


The results of 'Penny Wars' were shared with the children and Year 2 were announced as the winners! I think you could hear them cheering for miles! They received their winners' treat, of an afternoon's fun on a bouncy castle.
A HUGE THANK YOU to all of our families for supporting this. We raised a staggering £808.76!
Children, if you would like to write to me with ideas of how you may like some of our fundraising to be spent, you are more than welcome to.
Thanks everyone!
Mrs Mc