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Growing Hope

This year has marked the start of our Growing Hope Project in school. The Growing Hope Project follows the seasonal cycle of the year and uses it as a metaphor for growth and change that supports the children in coming to terms with their own changing circumstances. There is strong evidence to link gardening and connectivity to nature with improved mental and physical health. For bereaved children in particular growing vegetables can give a sense of purpose. Working with the cycles of the growing season can help children to find a relationship to loss. Our Growing Hope Children have enjoyed working with nature and connecting with other children who have experienced similar loss, allowing them to get support and understanding.

The group has flourished and worked well together over the year, producing special items for the garden and growing gorgeous flowers from seeds. We anticipate that as the project progresses, the connections developed in the group will grow, forming a supporting network of families throughout the larger local community.

Our objective for the coming year is to grow our own vegetables and host activities to bring families together and spread support and care in times of need.