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Sports and After School Clubs

At St Mary's, we believe in developing the whole child:

"I have come, so that they may have life and have it to the full."

(John 10:10)

We offer a range of before and after school activities, led by school staff and guest teachers.  Children feedback their ideas for clubs that they would like to try, through the School Council and Sports Crew.  The aim of these clubs is to promote enjoyment and to support each child to be the best they can be!  Clubs on offer throughout the year include Italian, dance, table tennis, football, netball, gymnastics, tag rugby and archery.


P.E and Sport at St Mary’s

Written by our P.E Lead and our Sports Crew


P.E and Sport at St Mary’s aims to follow our schools values of love, peace, truth and justice. We aim to offer a fun, high quality physical education curriculum to inspire all pupils to succeed and excel individual’s abilities in competitive sports and other physical demanding activities. We celebrate the creativity, commitment, leadership and analytical skills of our children. Our P.E teaching enables children to learn confidence, perseverance, team spirit and organisation; these proficiencies, we look to develop, through our curriculum and extra-curricular offer.


Here is what our pupils have to say about P.E and Sport at St Mary’s:


“P.E is important to us at St Mary’s because it keeps us healthy and is good for our wellbeing.” (Y5)


“The Daily Mile is a great brain break. We can talk to our friends and it helps us keep fit.” (Y6)


“I love being a part of the sports crew and having a voice in our P.E and Sport curriculum.” (Y5)


“The after school clubs are always fun!” (Y2)