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At St Mary's we recognise the support of parents, whose encouragement and help is valued and appreciated. We attach great importance to regular communication with parents and any concerns that we or parents may have are openly discussed.

Making sure your child is happy and secure in school, knowing how to support their learning, understanding what they are being taught and knowing your rights are all key factors in ensuring that your child has a valuable and enjoyable education.

What do parents say about our school?

(Taken from parental surveys)

“St Mary's school is one big family. They are very caring to all the pupils, family's and carers.  It is a very happy, well-driven school for all our children to learn and thrive.”


“Happy teachers / staff = Happy children”


“My daughter has excelled and thrived under the care of the wonderful teachers at St Mary's, she feels the love and constant encouragement from staff, has a bond with all the teachers and her classmates, and has faced no problem whatsoever thus far. She is happy, safe, content, and well cared for in every aspect at school, not to mention a very high standard of learning.”


“I think everything about this school is exceptional.”


“Appointing fantastic teachers - communication - the sport week was amazing!”


“There is a sense of community, my child feels he is part of a wider family. Generally all round good education i.e. academic and practical subjects including sports, forest school etc.”


“The teachers and head teacher seem to care that the children not only learn but only have a fun experience within school.”


"My child has blossomed and is thriving each and every day, and that's thanks to each and every staff member at St Mary's. I cannot express my gratitude enough."


“The school, in its entirety, welcomed and supported my child in every aspect since she joined midway through year one. I was nervous at first, but it wasn't long until I was completely reassured.”


There's a real family feel.  My child knows where he stands and there are high standards for him to meet without being too harsh.”


“St Mary's has not only supported my child but as also supported me through some challenging times. The school listens to any issues raised and deals with these promptly.”


“Making the children feel welcome and in particular recognising different strengths and weaknesses for each child.”


“A number of members of staff have shown significant support and kindness to my child and this has helped him to feel happier and safer in school.”


"Each member of staff has been so kind and caring during my little boy’s first year in school.  It has been a tough year with the struggle of COVID but I feel it has been kept as normal as possible.  It is such a warm and welcoming place and we are very happy as a family with our choice of this school."