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Pupil Premium


The government allocates additional money to schools, Pupil Premium funding, for children from low income families or cared for children. Funding is allocated to children who have been entitled to free school meals (FSM) over the last six years.

This is allocated to raise the attainment of these children and close the attainment gap between these pupils and others at our school as well as ensuring that all qualifying pupils benefit from the funding.  We have utilised strategies from ‘Narrowing the Gap’ and The EEF Toolkit, which have been researched and analysed extensively to inform us of the best ways to use this money.  


At St Mary's, we have high aspirations and ambitions for all our children and we believe that no child should be left behind.   We are determined to ensure that our children are given every chance to achieve highly. Pupil premium funding, along with allocations made from the school’s own budget will help ensure this money is spent to maximum effect. 

We have analysed our barriers to learning and we see the most effective ways to support disadvantaged pupils’ achievement are:

·       to have a whole school ethos of attainment for all

·       to ensure high quality teaching

·       to meet children’s individual learning needs

·       to deploy staff effectively

·       to make good use of data and information to identify and evaluate

·       to have clear roles and responsive leadership.

·       to address behaviour and attendance concerns

 St Mary's Pupil Premium Strategy for 2023 - 2024 Impact statement for 2022-23.pdfDownload
 St Mary's Pupil Premium Strategy 2021 - 2024 and Impact Statement 2021 - 2022.pdfDownload
 St Mary's Pupil Premium Strategy for 2020 - 2021 .pdfDownload
 St Mary's Pupil Premium Strategy for 2021 - 2022.pdfDownload
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